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Regarding UPS, what does "destination scan" mean?

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I'm waiting for a package but the idiots that shipped it didn't include my apartment number so of course i had to reshedule delivery. When I track the item it says redelivery was scheduled for 9/24/07 and the last update says Destination scan. that was on 9/21/07. So today ot doesn't say out for delivery or anything. WTF?
posted in Finance by walter.scott (7,270 points)

1 Solution

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Problem resolved
well, I am having a package delivered today also and was curious about the Destination Scan, and called UPS customer service to find out exactly what it meant as there is absolutely no reference on their website. I was told that it means it is at the final hub waiting to be put on a truck.
BTW...the phone number for UPS customer service is


To bypass the annoying voice menu just say "talk to a person" and you should get the operator.
talked to UPS customer service
solved by stephan.regan (18,620 points)

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