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Can you buy hawaiian baby woodrose seeds at home depot or someplace like that?

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I would like to get my hands on some but i would like to know where before i go to 50 stores asking. I live in washington i think they are banned in some states so that might help.
posted in Housing by colin_page (18,340 points)

1 Solution

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Problem resolved
If it is banned in some states it is probably because it is deemed an invasive species. If so, and you live in one of those states you will not be able to buy seeds, plant plants, or propagate them in any way. That is the law.
Invasive species are detrimental to an environment if conditions are right (think kudzu).
If your state does not list this plant as an invasive species, your best bet is to look for it at local nurseries or garden centers, not big box stores. It sounds like a specialty plant that would only be found at nurseries. They would also be able to tell you if it is an invasive species in your area. I would try to find the latin botanical name when you look for the plant. There can be many plants with the same common name, but the botanical name is specific to the plant and there is no mistaking which plant you are talking about when you use the botanical name.

Edit: I just found your other post. If you are using them to get high, forget it. Many plants are toxic - the high comes from the toxins. Which means there is a fine line between high and dead.
Case in point, digitalis is a powerful plant based heart medication. When used in people who have a particular type of heart condition it can keep them alive. HOWEVER: If the dose is incorrect and too much is taken, the patient will die. And that amount is minuscule.
Also, it will kill a person who takes it and does not have the cardiac condition it is used for.
If the seeds cause nausea, that is a big red flag that it is toxic. The body knows when it has ingested bad things and tries to rid itself of them by vomiting. However, toxins can rapidly cross the intestinal barrier into the bloodstream and death will ensue even if the person has vomited.
Horticulture student
solved by kenneth.mcnaly (33,010 points)
U are highly misinformed or brainwashed one, the "high" from hbwr dose not come from any toxin but from a safe reliable part of the human experience called LSA, a mild natural psychedelic with zero saftyor health risks......just like all other natural psychedelics
by jereme (100 points)

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