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What companies are in the American Oil Pension?

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posted in Finance by calie_frey (4,050 points)

2 Solutions

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Problem resolved
The Tax Attorneys haven't heard it?

Sections 851-855 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code of 1986, A.O.P. businesses pay no corporate taxes on the Federal level.

These business are ususally oil/gas transmission, storage, etc. Almost all income/profits are given to unit holders in form of dividends. Like stock shares, units also grow in value.

Here are few of them, on their ticker symbol: KMP, EEP, TPP, TCLP, CPNO, GEL and so on. Check out their their financial statements and observe how much tax, if any, did they paid.
solved by jade.esparaza (5,710 points)
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Ask a question about vajoiners and you don't just get the boys of R&S...you get the sluts too.

In all seriousness....I went over a year without any nooky and when I finally did it again I felt like a virgin all over again. And let's just say the man I was with wasn't posing for Playgirl any time soon.

*does her keagals*

solved by billy.riddle (5,800 points)

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