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Dolphinism is a problem solving website. It is a place on the web where people discuss their problems and get a solution. The problem may be anything from an itch to a mammoth project or a divorce problem.

Basically there are two groups of people, one that ask for help and the other that help. So an individual can be a help seeker or problem solver on Dolphinism. It works at a community/ city/ state/ national/ global level.

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Is it safe to masturbate 10-15 times a day?

0 votes
I can't seem to stop. Will it hurt me?
posted in Health by abby_odom (4,580 points)

1 Solution

0 votes
Problem resolved
Honey it is more than safe,its recommended!

*faints at visual*

oh ya your question is on top of mine
solved by zack_anderson (5,430 points)

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i wud say like 1 million star if u like it ...
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